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About Hum

The Department of Humanities includes disciplines and modes of inquiry that provide strong intellectual and cultural foundations for the study of the professions in modern life. This department offers diversified courses to the students of different engineering departments. The major categories of the courses offered by this department includes but are not limited to Management, Accounting, Economics, Sociology, English, Psychology, Political Science, Industrial Laws, and Professional Ethics. The objectives of introducing those courses are to strengthen students’ global view, broaden their intellectual foundation, teach them to communicate clearly, help them to develop creative and critical thinking skills, teach them to be problem solvers, create engaged citizens and thinkers, reinforce cultural and ethical responsibilities and values, help them to understand the impact that science and technology have on society, and create well-rounded academics, students and thinkers. In addition to classroom teaching of those courses, its dedicated teachers are operating various clubs such as cultural club, language club, debating club, photography club, career clubs etc. These clubs are helping to arrange debate competition, photo exhibition, cultural nights and career fair, which are contributing to build strong cultural and intellectual foundation among the engineering students.